Piano Lesson Policy Sheet

Remember, you are reserving a slot of time.  When you miss, it is a time that could be filled by another. Many teachers and studios charge by the month or semester and do not allow make ups or reschedules.

My desire is to work with you and help you get as many lessons in as possible, knowing how quickly time passes and the weeks fly by. The prime directive is to help your child learn as much as he/she can before they fly the nest!

I also want your middle school/high school athlete to not have to give up piano completely, even if they can’t give it what it ideally would take for optimum progress. Therefore, I am willing to work with your busy lives.

However, to minimize schedule changes to a degree that I can handle without losing my mind(!), the following guidelines will be implemented.

1. Payment is made at the beginning of the month, for the entire month.

Teacher ill: no payment required. We make up the lesson if possible; if not, we skip that week and your payment will roll over into the following month.

Student illness: we attempt to make up the lesson. If we cannot, payment can roll over into another month.

Missing lessons: Because I have a spot reserved for you, and I am at my capacity with a waiting list, the expectation is that you will make it most every week. If there are too many misses, we may have to re-evaluate and make a decision. This does not apply for the months of May-August.

2. No-shows will be charged.  No make-up will be issued.

3. If you must miss a lesson, please notify me as soon as you are able. If you are going to miss, text or email me to initially notify me (texting is usually best).  If you’d like to reschedule, you must call me.  It will save time rather than emailing back and forth.  We can reschedule the lesson if I am notified ahead of time. Likewise, if I need to cancel, I will email, text AND call you to make sure you know as soon as possible.

4. Reasons to cancel a lesson would include vacations, illness or injury of student or person transporting student, school functions, sports practices or games, or important family functions.  If it is a sleepover, party or a haircut, and you really want your child to attend, you may cancel the lesson, but payment would still be required.  Another option here would be switching out a time with another student on your own.

5. Please make sure student has all of their music with them when they come to their lesson, along with their notebook and theory book.  They may know what they have practiced that week, but I need to see what I have written and what they are to be working on. It is important information to me! Also, even if they haven’t done or finished their theory lesson, they need to bring it anyways. We can work on it during the lesson.

6. Some weeks are extra-busy or the student is ill…it happens. Even if the student didn’t get much time to practice the previous week, they are still expected to come to lessons. There are many things we can work on and learn aside from their regular material.  Extra time going over theory, sight-reading, technique, chording and improvising, etc. are just some of the things we work on in those circumstances.

7. If three consecutive weeks go by with little or no progress, I will email or call you and report my observations. Together we can work out a plan to try and get things back on track.

8. My usual mode of communication with you is by email.  I understand the daily barrage of emails we encounter, and how easy it is to overlook or to quickly skim through and miss information. But it is the easiest way I have to communicate information with you, such as cancellations, changes, programs, etc., so please try and keep up with them.

9. Please communicate with me when there are issues, frustrations, discouragement, or just lack of motivation. Sometimes I may ask you if the expectation level is too high or too low. Please give me your feedback.  

Sometimes there are issues going on in a student’s life that I am not aware of, and it would be very helpful to know.

Practice time expectations (these are approximate):

Beginner: 20 minutes
Level 1-2:  30 minutes
Level 3 and above: 45 minutes

Ideal practice would be 5-6 days per week. Even on days that are extremely busy, try to squeeze in at least 5 or 10 minutes. Practice sessions can be split up during the day.

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