Hire an Accomplished Pianist for Your Next Event

Melissa is an experienced keyboardist, organist, and vocalist. She is available for hire to perform for your special event in the Anoka County area.

Types of Events and Venues

Funeral Pianist
Has been a pianist, organist, and vocalist for Thurston-Lindberg Funeral Home for over 40 years.
Hospital Pianist
Currently plays on a monthly basis at Mercy Hospital.
Nursing Home Pianist
Plays piano at nursing homes to spread joy to the residents.
Other Gigs
Has experience playing at coffee shops and other venues.
Melissa also makes for a great accompanying pianist, organist, and vocalist. She can perform alongside other artists and does a great job of highlighting their strengths.

From Melissa

"I don't just do a wedding or a funeral. I want to help the client feel like the experience is everything they wanted it to be and more. A tribute to someone's life will be remembered forever. I want to help them make it their own."

Recent Event

Melissa recently performed for a lake house dinner party at a gorgeous assisted living facility. She played a variety of music, sang patriotic tunes, hymns, and took many requests from attendees. A piano room overlooking a lake, a 1904 restored piano, a chance to visit with all the people, and a delicious dinner to boot!

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